Hear and be heard...with B&G VHF

B&G Sailing VHF radios bring the ultimate in on water communication, with the latest technology, easy to use menus and outstanding performance.

See and be seen...with B&G AIS

Automatically and dynamically share and update your position to reduce the risk of on water collision.

Key Benefits:

  • Integration - Use with B&G Zeus chartplotters for a fully integrated navigation and safety system
  • Easy to use - Menus are simple and intuitive to use
  • SafetyAll B&G Sailing VHF radios include a distress button, for times at sea when you may need to call on help. Thanks to Digital Selective Calling, each B&G unit can send an automatic distress signal.


V60 VHF Radio with AIS

Stay safe and connected with this VHF marine radio featuring a sleek design with removable fist mic, Class D DSC functionality, and built-in GPS. Keep track of nearby AIS-equipped vessels with an integrated AIS receiver, and add up to two optional wireless handsets to communicate clearly from anywhere on board.

V60 VHF Radio with AIS $499.00 See More

H60 Wireless Handset


Take remote control of your Simrad B&G V60 VHF radio, and enjoy the power of a fixed-mount system with the convenience of a handheld. Easily carried and simple to use, this wireless handset gives you total freedom of movement on board your yacht.

H60 Wireless Handset $189.00 See More

NSPL-500 AIS-Splitter

Waterproof, lightweight and compact antenna splitter for VHF/AIS/FM use.

NSPL-500 AIS-Splitter $ See More


Reduce your risk of collision with this fully integrated, Class-B AIS transponder 

NAIS 500 AIS $ See More

V20S VHF Radio

Stay safe and in touch with this dependable Class D DSC approved VHF radio featuring an integrated GPS receiver. The versatile V20S is ideal for a variety of boats from small RIBs to larger cruisers, and is designed to match the low-profile style of our glass bridge displays and accessories.

V20S VHF Radio $309.00 See More

V90S VHF Radio

Stay connected in every way with the V90S, a modular and highly expandable VHF radio with built-in AIS receiver and GPS. Connect up to four wired and two wireless handsets to create the ultimate vessel-wide intercom and VHF communications system. Includes one wired handset and an external speaker.

V90S VHF Radio $841.66 See More

NSPL-400 AIS Splitter

Waterproof, lightweight and compact antenna splitter for VHF/AIS/FM use.
NSPL-400 AIS Splitter $ See More

NAIS-400 Class B AIS transponder

See and be seen to reduce the risk of on water collision with this advanced AIS Class B transponder.  Automatically and dynamically share and update your position with the compact, lightweight, and fully waterproof transponder.
NAIS-400 Class B AIS transponder $ See More

H50 Wireless VHF Handset

Full feature VHF with expansion options combining impressive range with inductive charging for flexible communications at and away from the chart table. 
H50 Wireless VHF Handset $ See More