Sensors for H5000, Triton and more

Everything you need to accurately measure conditions, with all the precision and quality you would expect from B&G. From wind sensors to compass and motion sensors, you'll find it all here!


508 Triton Wind Sensor

508 Wind Sensor is a high performance wind speed and angle sensor derived from our Grand Prix level sensor to provide accurate wind angle and speed data relied upon by sailors.
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Triton Depth / Speed / Temperature Sensor

A compact multisensor that offers depth, speed and temperature data from a single through-hull sensor that can be easily installed and connected directly to the network.
Triton Depth / Speed / Temperature Sensor $ See More

SOV Depth Sensor

Everything you need to accurately measure depth.  The Shut-Off Valve (SOV) housing enables larger vessels to safely remove depth sensors for cleaning and maintenance, perfect for deep draft boats.
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RF300 Rudder Feedback

Rudder feedback unit for boats with inboard engines with variable frequency output for direct connection to autopilot computers
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RF25N Rudder Feedback

Medium duty rudder feedback unit with NMEA 2000® interface.
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RC42 Rate Compass

The RC42 is an intelligent rate compass which significantly improves the dynamic performance of autopilots and stabilised radar displays. Featuring an integrated turn sensor, the RC42 enhances all auto-steering experiences.
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Halcyon Gyro Stabilised Compass

The HGSC high precision 3-axis rate-gyro stabilised heading sensor provides H5000 users with improved performance of autopilot and calculated wind data.
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ZG100 GPS & Compass

Highly accurate 10Hz GPS antenna with integrated compass that provides chart stabilisation, accurate COG at low speed and smooth, precise location information
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Precision-9 Compass

Solid-state compass with heading, rate of turn, roll, pitch and heave output over NMEA 2000®.
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