Autopilots/ Instruments

Autopilots/ Instruments

Performance For Everyone

B&G's Instruments and Pilots bring outstanding performance to all sailors, so whether you are a cruising yachtsman, a club racer or an elite grand prix racer, B&G have a system for you.

What system is for me?

  • H5000 - Available with 3 different performance modes, the H5000 is designed for blue water cruisers and racing yachts, bringing a range of unique sailing features.
  • Triton 2 - Outstanding performance in an easy to use, great value package. Perfect for the cruising yachtsman and club racer.
  • WTP3 - The most powerful and flexible instrument system available
Autopilots/ Instruments

Triton² Instrument Display

The B&G Triton² Instrument Display is the clearest multi-purpose sailing instrument and autopilot display with a 4.1-inch colour screen which is optically bonded to ensure zero condensation.

Triton² Instrument Display $ See More

Triton² Pilot Controller

This intuitive keypad can be combined with a B&G Triton² Display to create a fully-featured autopilot controller, including B&G’s Intelligent Sail Steering functionality and Smart Manoeuvre controls.

Triton² Pilot Controller $ See More

NAC-2 Autopilot Computer

The low-current NAC-2 autopilot computer is ideal for smaller vessels, designed to run small hydraulic drives and mechanical drives for vessels up to 10 metres (33 feet) in length. Also provides solenoid output.

NAC-2 Autopilot Computer $ See More

H5000 Serial Expansion

Allows expansion of an H5000 system to enable additional serial interfacing options. Typically used for interfacing HGSC compass, GPS units, Gyro Compasses and other NMEA 0183 devices.
H5000 Serial Expansion $ See More

H5000 Pilot Computer

The record-breaking B&G Pilot features dedicated steering modes and sailing algorithms including Gust Response, Recovery and High Wind Response. 
H5000 Pilot Computer $ See More

H5000 Hydra Central Processor Unit

The H5000 Hydra CPU is the brains behind the ultimate cruiser/racer system. Its ultra-fast ARM processors deliver data in an instant and the browser-based setup allows straightforward and flexible configuration. 
H5000 Hydra Central Processor Unit $ See More

WTP3 Analogue Module

Provides analogue data acquisition, and includes a range of input and output options to support a wide variety of sensors.
WTP3 Analogue Module $ See More

WTP3 Serial Module

Provides serial data acquisition, and includes a range of input and output options to support a wide variety of sensors.
WTP3 Serial Module $ See More


WTP3 provides data collection and eliminates the effects of boat motion to provide the most powerful and flexible instrument system available to the Grand Prix user.
WTP3 CPU $ See More